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Currently attending trade school for Mastering Engineering and Production 

Hey guys, I've been going after restarting my music career since 2020.  After two years of Youtube video lessons I've realized that I'm missing essential tools and knowledge to take my music to the next level.  I first attended Sync Academy in 2021 to learn today's modern production techniques.  I was successful at implementing todays techniques in music production.  However, I was still failing at getting my productions to compete with the professional standard of quality masters.  On November 7, 2023, I started attending a program called The Reverse Engineer being taught by  I realized that I needed one on one mentoring to help me bring my music to the next level.  I'm currently working on an autobiographical album called “Goose Matrix and Beyond”.  It will be finished as I complete the trade school for audio engineering.  Thank you for finding interest in me and what I do. 




Listening to Ghari is like watching Luther Vandross, Maxwell, Bob Marley and Rick James play musical chairs at a beach party hosted by Jimmy Buffet!  

Gary Randall a.k.a. Ghari, is a musician based out of the city of New Orleans with over 20 years of performing experience.  His funky eclectic approach to music and songwriting will keep your head bobbing with rhythmic anticipation. 

Between 2006-2009, Ghari co-founded two bands called "Chronic Soul" and "Delirium Residue."  The former earned a National Spotlight in the CBS News, "The Early Show's Living Room...Live! battle of the bands contest.  The competition opened the doors for Chronic Soul to gain local and regional notoriety.    Unfortunately, irreconcilable differences among the members, hamstrung the band before it could really launch from the starting blocks.  

Ghari, composed, arranged, mixed and produced a 3 song EP called "Fruity", prior to the disbanding of "Chronic Soul."  The EP was never officially released.

Delirium Residue, the second band Ghari co-founded, was a dynamic band which had a short run of success.  Most notable was the 2009 recording of the band's only EP entitled "Delirium Residue" Live At The Marine with an accompanying DVD.  The EP and DVD were never officially released.  

After an 11 year detour into the worlds of Law Enforcement, Education and Religion, Ghari has emerged wiser, hungry, focused.

Ghari is currently in the kitchen working on his recipe of new flavors mixed with the unreleased old spices.  

You can find the previously unreleased songs from the EP "Fruity" on this website.  

Ghari, released the Single "One and Only" on November 27, 2020, through Distrokid.  "One and Only" was voted by the public to be added to Distrokid's Spotify Playlist for Singer-Songwriters on December 4, 2020.  The new single is available on all streaming platforms, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and this website.