Currently attending trade school for Mastering Engineering and Production

Hey guys, I've been going after restarting my music career since 2020.  After two years of Youtube video lessons I've realized that I'm missing essential tools and knowledge to take my music to the next level.  I first attended Sync Academy in 2021 to learn today's modern production techniques.  I was successful at implementing todays techniques in music production.  However, I was still failing at getting my productions to compete with the professional standard of quality masters.  On November 7, 2023, I started attending a program called The Reverse Engineer being taught by  I realized that I needed one on one mentoring to help me bring my music to the next level.  I'm currently working on an autobiographical album called “Goose Matrix and Beyond”.  It will be finished as I complete the trade school for audio engineering.  Thank you for finding interest in me and what I do. 



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